10+ gift ideas from Aussie brands for the holidays

The holiday season is coming and you probably start draining every drop of the creative juice in your brain to come up with a great gift idea. For me, personally, it’s a great time to discover local brands and designs and excuse myself for an overdue shopping spree. In Melbourne and Sydney, there is the Big Design Market where a great collection of brands and products is available but there are still a lot of local goodies around Australia that can remain undiscovered. Here are 10+ brands I came across that are gender-neutral and suitable for most age groups as some awesome gifting ideas!


Household goodies

The Soap Bar

(Source: The Soap Bar Instagram)

Okay, soaps probably aren’t your first choice for Christmas gifts but have you seen those gorgeous looking and beautifully scented handmade soaps from The Soap Bar? Not to mention they have the festive Bethlehem for Christmas time that your mum will definitely enjoy. The Soap Bar soaps are made with natural ingredients and essential oils that are gentle to the skin with various types of scents, including Australian bush, floral and romantic, and citrus and spices. My personal favourite (out of their current 30+ soap bars that I haven’t tried) is the refreshing Rainforest Retreat that has lemongrass, lavender, rosemary and a hint of spearmint. Did I also mention they offer customised soaps and gift sets?


Robert Gordon Australia

(Source: Robert Gordon Australia Facebook page)

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful set of ceramics at the Christmas dinner table? If you don’t feel the same way, a look at Robert Gordon’s collection might change your mind. May it be modern, minimalism, monochrome or colourful, traditional or abstract; their Australian made potteries are sure to catch your eyes. For those who are Victoria-based or who plan to visit Victoria, there are kids workshops where you can paint your own set of pottery! We love Robert Gordon so much that we are bringing them into our own gift boxes for this holiday. Be sure to check them out!


Coffee Towels Australia

(Source: Coffee Towels Australia Etsy store)

Speaking of dining and household goodies, you should not miss the hand-dyed tea towels from Coffee Towels Australia. Each towel is dyed with eco-friendly inks at the home studio of the owner, who tested tirelessly for best materials and methods to preserve her simple yet beautiful prints on the towels. When you see a design you like, you’d better place an order quick smart because it’ll be a unique piece which she dyes or paints individually. Talk about unique gifts for your special ones!



Foodie goodies

Charlie’s Cookies

(Source: Charlie's Cookies Facebook page)

Gathering with friends and family during the festive season can be some of the best moments in life. Enjoy them with Charlie’s Cookies’ Melting Moments! Not only are they lovely looking, they also melt in your mouth along with their deliciously sweet filling. Artisan biscuits from Charlie’s Cookies are the best desserts for morning or afternoon tea on Christmas Day as well. To make things more festive, they also have a Christmas selection and an adorable Christmas tree gingerbread. 


Sisko Chocolate

(Source: Sisko Chocolate Facebook page)

Speaking of artisan delights, Sisko Chocolate definitely combines chocolate and art in their collection. Exquisite chocolate sculptures made by local talents are perfect for a luxurious decoration and deluxe Christmas experience. They also offer gift boxes featuring beautiful chocolate orbs, and other chocolate-based snacks. Imagine sipping wine from a beautiful wine glass with a box of Sisko Chocolate orbs on the table while Christmas lights glitter from the window, can the holiday come sooner please?



Of course, foodies after Christmas are still foodies. Cookbooks are one of those gifts that do not expire after the holidays. Personally speaking, I love the cookbooks with personal narratives and lifestyle more than just a collection of recipes. Or rather, to have someone else cook for me! Either way, cookbooks are never wrong when it comes to holiday gifting.



Lifestyle goodies


Similar in nature to cookbooks, magazines are also great gifting options and more specifically, the ones that feature particular lifestyle ideas or special interests. Depending on who you’re gifting them to, a wide variety of magazines are available in Australia. Say, The Green Magazine that offers beautiful and sustainable architecture and designs, or Frankie Magazine that features Australian music, art, photography and cultural content. Either magazine you choose, they can be perfect to pass time while travelling to your holiday destination or simply a quiet time during the jolly (and sometimes chaotic) holiday season.


Pussyfoot Socks

(Source: Pussyfoot Socks Facebook page)

When it comes to gifting, any products that “suit every occasion” are a safe bet. We all wear socks sometimes and we wear socks more often when they are cool, cute, comfy and durable. Pussyfoot offers that with their collections for men, women, kids and recreational activities. Their Bamboozld collection made with bamboo fibre is not only on point for utilising this natural super-plant in an everyday product but also trendy and cool in design.



(Source: Bellroy Facebook page)

When my brother pulled out the Hide & Seek wallet by Bellroy that I bought him five odd years ago (which outlasts most of the $800+ smartphones nowadays) I knew it was worth every penny. Let alone for the sleek and elegant designs all their products inherit. Their collections continue to expand and provide more innovative options for different uses and occasions.



Travel goodies

Make a glamping booking

As I’m not a fan of squeezing through crowds of sweaty strangers on New Year’s Eve, spending the countdown with my closest ones chatting and having deluxe dishes in a cosy and luxurious tent sounds more of a great way to indulge the start of a new year. Cosy Tents in Victoria, Paperback Camp in New South Wales, Nightfall Wilderness Camp in Queensland, for example, are some great glamping sites.


Activities gift vouchers

Some complain about summer at Christmas time but really? Holiday plus outdoor activities during the summertime, sign me up any day! Spoil your loved ones by gifting them the opportunity to travel and have some fun.



We hope you find the perfect gifts from the list above. And, of course, Double Wood’s holiday gift boxes are available from 30/11/2018 to 26/12/2018. If you haven’t already, here’s the collection. On top of that, we also offer 20% off on other products.

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