6 Christmas delights to sweeten up your holiday season

We came up with a list of movies to watch for your Christmas holidays last time which you can read on here. Instead of popcorn, some dessert recommendations are in order! This time we are sticking with the more traditional Christmas sweets because they aren’t otherwise consumed commonly if it were not for Christmas. Just in case you’re wondering what’s best to go with these delights, we also pair each dessert up with a blend out of our Double Wood Originals.


Christmas Pudding

Starting with the most iconic Christmas dessert: Christmas Pudding with brandy butter or cream. The sweet and strong dessert is the best for the holidays when everyone can share (or suffer?) the richness together. Even for those with the strongest sweet tooth, one small serve of this sweet will probably suffice the festive mood. As for those who only enjoy this dessert due to the Christmas peer pressure, it’s only a matter of time before you pick that cup of coffee up to wash down the intense sweetness. To go with this particular pudding, we’d recommend our “Hola, Chica!” blend. Its mutual and balanced flavour is perfect to neutralize the strength of the Christmas pudding while it’s not too spicy or overly rich to cover up the brandy aroma butter. While butterscotch or brandy thickened cream also go well with Hola, Chica!, this combo is guaranteed to perfect your Christmas Pudding moment.


Brandy Balls

Speaking of brandy, the next delight on our list is the not-so-guilty pleasure Brandy Balls. The chocolate covered, liquor infused delights with coconut flakes are the less intense flavour of the same kind with a different texture. There are various types of alcohol suitable for this sweet, including brandy, bourbon and rum. Either one you have it with, we’d recommend to pair it up with our “The Night Market.” The Night Market has a unique tea fragrance and is lighter in the coffee aroma compared to the other two blends. This allows it to serve as a refreshing beverage that brings out the fragrance of coconut, or other nuts if you prefer, while gently washes down the chocolate for a smooth aftertaste.


Yule Log

Still in the chocolate category, the next very Christmassy dessert is not as popular in Australia (regrettably), but as delicious and indulging: the Yule Log. This festive cake is more prominent in France, Belgium, Switzerland and some French colonies and Quebec of Canada. It’s traditionally served near Christmas with a bark-like coating on a log-shaped cake with white icing on top. This is to resemble the typical snowy Christmas in the woods of the Northern regions. The cake is normally a sweet roulade that is akin to the Swiss Roll with creamy filling. It’s a very jolly dish to be enjoyed with all different age groups. To go with this particular dessert and its creamy and smooth texture, “Hola, Chica!” would suit perfectly. As the Yule log itself does not have the strong flavour of the previous desserts, it calls for a balanced and mutual blend to compliment the traditional yellow sponge cake and chocolate buttercream.


Christmas Trifle

To switch things up, we’re loving the fruity Christmas Trifle as our next pick. Of course, there is a wide range of different ingredients for you to build a trifle yet having the Christmas in summer in Australia, we all need some refreshing acidity that is from the berries traditionally used in this dessert. Its creamy texture combined with the soft crunch from the sponge finger biscuits give a fun and indulging experience with every mouthful. The lighter fragrance of “The Night Market” is the best mate for the trifle. Compared to a more nutty Dancing Tigers or the well-balanced Hola, Chica!, this blend does not take away any flavours of the dessert while pairing with fruitiness and mascarpone very well.



Another dessert that is widely eaten in Australia all year round, but particularly during the Christmas holidays, is none other than— Pavlova. Also comes with a fruity theme, Pavlova is perfect for our summer season while fresh kiwi fruits, strawberries and passionfruit are available. The crisp and crunchy outer shell of the meringue topping with refrigerated whipped cream and the marshmallow-like inner part give this beloved dessert a comprehensive texture. Its vibrant look comes with lighter flavours other than the fruits on top, thus we thought to add a bit of funkiness with our “Dancing Tigers” blend. The coffee’s stronger, earthy taste can give a nice kick to the summer dessert experience. Not to mention the happy coincidence that the dessert named after a Russian ballerina matches with our Dancing Tigers for a jolly twirl together!


Christmas Shortbread

Shortbread biscuits and cookies are always a beloved delight for anytime. The traditional Scottish shortbread’s buttery and creamy texture and flavour, in particular, is an absolute indulgence during the Christmas time. Different variation of the biscuit around the world may differ in looks, ingredients or fillings, but when it comes to Christmas we’ll stick with simple round or star-shaped ones with icing sugar on top. This gives the shortbread a purer taste to its original Scottish recipe. To spice things up we will also recommend having them with our “Dancing Tigers” blend. The hint of nuttiness in this coffee blends well with the buttery taste in the cookies while adding the aromatic and spicy coffee fragrance for the best enjoyment.



We hope you like our selection and recommendations. What is your favourite Christmas/holiday dessert? Share with us in the comments below!

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