Before Sunrise: Mt Oberon pour over

Hiking trips are better with coffee. They’re even better again with freshly brewed pour over coffee. So, when I reached the summit of Mount Oberon at Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, I was ready to enjoy my cuppa before the first ray of sun laid on the ocean that day. Well, that was the plan, if the hailstorm didn’t catch us.

An improvised two-day itinerary for Wilsons Prom is rather short, especially when my friend and I had to stay overnight an hour away because every nearby accommodation was booked out for the long weekend. That didn’t stop our ill-considered mission to catch the sunrise on the summit of Mt Oberon, nor did the tree blown down right in the middle of the only road to the destination. The day before, we were on legs from Darby Saddle to Tongue Point* and Squeaky Beach Track*. Needless to say, it took me one cup of Hola, Chica! to hit the road, and another I had promised myself for when I reached the summit.

The Mt Oberon Summit Walk* provides a fairly wide and steady gravel road with occasional benches for visitors to pace themselves, which is probably needed given that the hour of ascending the winding route to the top is not to be taken lightly. It was 5:05 am at the start of the path, to catch the sunrise anticipated at 5:45. We didn’t really have time for rests so we pushed on without stopping while my mind battled over why I decided to do this and if I should just tuck and roll back to the car park. Just when I was about to lose my breath and the hope in humanity, we saw the staircases attached to a rocky wall that leads to the peak.

Then came the storm of hail.

You’d figure we would have given up at this point knowing that there wouldn’t be a bit of sunshine. But we didn’t.

Frozen and tired, autopilot mode had helped a lot before, finally, the 360° view on top of Mount Oberon jumped into our eyes. The summit provides an open area where a majestic perspective over the coastline, ocean and Norman Island is all for the visitors to be amazed by and gasp at the nature’s masterpiece. Even with the clouds, what we saw was akin to a sneak peak that demands a second visit.

The wind was freezing to the bone and blowing faster than Superman. We unloaded our gear at a crevice between the boulders and bushes to rest ourselves. Then there was me, sipping a coffee-house standard pour over coffee, freshly made, from my Rey KeepCup. Also, there was the view. That morning, no sunshine was needed to warm me up from the core of my heart.

Walking back the same route downhill was more satisfying, with the views much more visible with the daylight. While we were back at the car park and brewing another cup of The Night Market, I realised that I failed to take proper photos due to the challenging weather. Thankfully, we were blessed with a sunny and blue sky during our day walks the day before so I can still share some shots with you.

View at the Tongue Point

View at Tongue Point

View on the way from Darby Saddle to Tongue Point

On the track from Darby Saddle to Tongue Point

Pour over on Mt Oberon

Pour over on Mount Oberon

Perspective at Mt Oberon Summit

The perspective at the Mt Oberon Summit


Wilsons Prom is surely where I will come back again and again. Short and long walks await and, most importantly, the wilderness and natural beauty are there for all of us to discover and treasure. So off I go with a thermal bottle, a cup and a handful of Double Wood Coffee bags. I can walk the earth, even when it’s hailing!


Walk Information

Mt Oberon Summit Walk: 3.4 km (1 hour one-way); medium difficulty.

Darby Saddle to Tongue Point: 5.6 km (2.5 hours one-way); medium difficulty.

Squeaky Beach Track: 2.1 km (45 minutes one-way); medium difficulty.

For more information about Wilsons Promontory National Park, please visit Parks Victoria.

Rey warmed up with coffee on the hail-covered track

Rey warmed up with coffee on the hail-covered track

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