The Benefits of Drip Bag Coffee

AKA “Why we’re here”…


We’ve covered some of the brewing tips on using the drip coffee bags before. Now, here are some reasons why you should start having the drip bag coffee for your daily caffeine fix.

Coffee filtering – most coffee brewing methods involve a filtering process. Espresso machines through high pressure and the metal portafilter, pour-over coffees through specially made paper or cloth, and French press through a mess filter (which only functions as a sieve).

Our ultra-fine nonwoven fabric filter catches clouding coffee powder (tiny grinds) and unwanted oils (cafestol) from passing into the cup, resulting in a clear and pure coffee. On top of the many health benefits of having coffee, this filtering also provides bonus benefits to heart health by reducing cholesterol levels as well as a cleaner taste and look.


Convenient – take anywhere, compact and easy to carry, our coffee is perfect for travel and so many outdoor activities and sports. Sick of the instant sachet or pod coffee offered in hotels? Frustrated by trying to find a decent café in a foreign town or city? Feel like a warm and invigorating cuppa while out and about exploring and enjoying the outdoors? You’ve come to the right place! Single-serve pack filled with nitrogen keeps the coffee grounds safe and fresh. This guarantees your every coffee a delicious one wherever you are.


Easy clean-up – simple to use, ergonomic handles and no-fuss easy tear open top make the drip coffee bag so trouble and mess-free without any hardware (apart from your cup) to clean up and with the used grinds neatly retained in the bag for repurposing or disposal.


A second life for used coffee grounds – great for composting and fertilizing your garden. You can even plant seedlings directly into your used drip bag, just top up the used grounds with some extra soil. Also in the garden, scatter grounds around plants to protect them from pests. Absorb food odours in your fridge or freezer by putting used grounds into a small open container and replace them every couple of weeks. Sprinkle used grounds onto a cleaning cloth for a natural abrasive to clean difficult food stains without scratching your precious surfaces. Read more uses of the coffee grounds here.


Freedom! – we by no means want to diss cafes – there’s nothing better the community and connections that having a great local can give us, but, if you don’t always have one near your home or office or while on travel, our drip coffee bags save your hard earned (at least a $1 a coffee) and precious time. One of our favourite things about coffee is the ritual. The process of preparing a coffee your own way with drip bag coffee provides a break in the day, the chance to breathe and re-set without the queues and distractions.


Here you go, plenty of legitimate answers for when people ask about your coffee addiction!

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