Brewing Tips: making an awesome cuppa with the drip coffee bag

If you are new to Double Wood Coffee, then we’d like to explain to you that it is not just about great coffee blends with great flavours; it is also an innovative alternative to more common coffee brewing methods that features the design of the drip coffee bag.

The drip coffee bag design originated from Japan, the place known for innovation and great designs that amaze us all. Little do most know that the drip coffee bag has been a popular coffee brewing method in Asian regions for quite some time now. The design has gone under the radar in Australia, appearing only once in the media with the underselling title of “Japanese drip coffee bags make mornings easy.” As we know from experience, the drip coffee bag is not only for your lazy mornings but also ideal for travel, camping, the office and basically any occasion where you need your daily dose of caffeine.

That being said, not much information about this brewing method is available online and this is why this article should come in handy. So, we are here to share some brewing tips for our beloved design.


Preparation: your favourite cup/mug, 180 ml of hot water (ideally between 85°C - 95°C), Double Wood Coffee


The Hang

Take the drip coffee bag out of the package, the side with text “Open” on top. Give it a light shake to make sure the coffee inside is at the bottom.

Tear open along the dotted line and pull the two hangers on the side gently, ideally the coffee inside should lie evenly.

Hang each hanger on two opposite sides of your cup et voilà!


The Brew

Pour over hot water just enough to immerse the coffee grinds and let it sit and absorb for 20 to 40 seconds depending on how strong you like your coffee to taste.

Then continuously and slowly pour over the remaining hot water into the drip coffee bag and make sure the water does not overflow.

Once you have your 180 ml of coffee extract, take out the drip coffee bag by its hangers and discard responsibly.


The Coffee

Now that you have your coffee in the cup, relax and enjoy as you like it to be!

You’ll also get to experiment with different blends through adding milk, cream, sugar or water.

Yes, it’s that easy! We understand that under some circumstances you may not be able to care for all the little details. So, here are some no-no’s as a simple guideline for not spoiling the coffee:

  • Don’t leave the drip coffee bag in the cup once you pour over the suggested amount of water as this will extract the undesirable tastes of coffee.
  • Don’t reuse the drip coffee bag once it’s brewed.
  • Don’t use the drip coffee bag or the coffee contained for other brewing methods as it’s designed (including the roast and grind) specifically and only for the drip coffee bag brewing method.
  • Don’t attempt latte art with the drip coffee bag. The design is inspired by filter/pour-over coffee that keeps the crema in the bag.

Of course, if you’re more serious (snobby) about coffee brewing, you should also know the following tips.

  • Preheating your cup: you can pour in some hot water into the cup before brewing. This will prevent heat loss/lowered temperature of the coffee so that you can fully experience the freshly brewed delight.
  •  Enjoy slowly: to taste the different aromas and flavours of the coffee throughout the change of its temperature.

We hope this information provides you with some useful insight into this wonderful design. If you have any special brewing tips you discover with our coffee, please feel free to share them with us! Surely each cup of coffee will taste differently depending on the blends and brewing conditions and we will bring more tips specifically for Double Wood Coffee blends in the future. Until then, enjoy your cup of coffee!

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