Easy iced coffee recipes to fix your 35˚C Aussie summer

From a classic iced black coffee to an intoxicating creamy cocktail, these are perfect for when you need that caffeine but don’t want the steam.

We know this article comes rather late as we slide into the last month of summer. Yet given the recent consecutive toasting weeks that seem to be persisting, the recipes might actually make it to the scene and come in handy. They are very easy to follow with the most common ingredients in your pantry (and liquor cabinet for one specific naughty recipe).

These iced coffees will give you a good arvo chill under the good ol’ Aussie sun. We’ve still got a couple long weekends ahead. Save this recipe for the upcoming picnic dates, family gatherings and lazy afternoons.

Now, before we get to all those chilling relaxing drinks, there’s one crucial (but optional) step.

For the best tasting iced coffee there is in the world, you need to know that ice cubes made solely from H2O will dumb down the coffee aroma and taste. So, that’s right, we’re going to make some iced coffee cubes for the best outcome.

Brew your coffee in advance and wait for it to cool down. Alternatively, you can also make your own cold brew batch for a different flavour. (We’ll write up the best recipe of our coffee for cold brew in the future if you like.) Pour the chilled coffee into ice cube trays to freeze. After around 2 hours, you’ll have the precious coffee cubes ready for making the yummy iced coffees.




Let’s start with the PG-friendly classic affogato-style iced coffee with ice cream. You’ll need:

  • Your favourite ice cream 1 scoop (Ideally vanilla or coconut for the tender flavour.)
  • Your favourite coffee 160ml
  • Optional: milk, almond/soy/coconut milk, caramel syrup, chocolate flakes


Firstly, brew your favourite coffee and set it aside while you go on with the rest. Then put one scoop of your favourite ice cream into a double walled glass. Pour the freshly brewed coffee over the ice cream. Add in the optional milk or additives to your drink. Here comes the flavour-filled iced coffee with a smooth and nice texture.

You can really get creative and naughty with this one. A tap of amaretto liqueur would change the game entirely. With a sprinkle of crushed pistachio will also light up the drink with extra texture.

What to look out for:

Some coffee gets sour or changes its flavour once they get chilled. Make sure the coffee and brewing method you choose will get you the ideal iced coffee taste.


Coming from none other than Queen Bee Mixology, the Ice Ice Bailey’s is destined to get your palettes satisfied and thirsts quenched. We made one little edit to the original recipe for the lightweights like us.

You’ll need:

  • Your favourite coffee, chilled 160ml
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream 60ml
  • Vodka of your choice 30ml


For this recipe, the premade coffee iced cubes come in handy. Fill the glass up with the cubes and pour in your chilled favourite coffee. Mix in the Bailey’s and Vodka and stir well. Et voila! A soothing, creamy, aromatic and intoxicating drink waits for you to indulge on a Friday evening.

What to look out for:

Consume any alcohol responsibly 😉


Of course, you can always enjoy a nice glass of iced black coffee by itself. Refreshing, cooling and versatile as you add in your coconut milk.

When time allows, we’d always recommend to test out your coffee before making it a cold one. Mostly because some blends and brewing methods would result in higher acidity when chilled, aka “why does my coffee turn sour?”

Also, cold brew is a totally different process of extracting coffee and will display a different taste for the same blend. For the best tasting iced coffee to your liking, do some experimenting with it. Other than getting really caffeinated or intoxicated (for the cocktail recipes), you’ll only end up having either a good time, an awesome glass of iced coffee, or both!

Share with us your favourite iced coffee drinks or let us know if these recipes work for you!

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