Mother’s Day wish lists that really matter

Mother’s Day is coming. Like many others, I turned to the Almighty Internet for Mother’s Day gift ideas when I read this article about what mums REALLY want. It spoke to me deeply on a spiritual level that I almost gave it a standing ovation. The year was 2012, I brought a life to the world (and another in 2016) and since then life has been throwing at me the ever-endless housework and lessons of how to raise a kid. (Sorry, hubby, you’re hardly in the picture.) Since then, all I’ve wanted is some ME TIME that goes like…

  1. Wake up to a clean and tidy house when I WANT to wake up.
  2. Hang out with girlfriends and gossip for half a day.
  3. Chores? You mean chill.
  4. Quiet time with a cup of coffee and a book.
  5. Total relaxation or a workout session.
  6. No crying, screaming, feeding, diaper changing, aka no kids.

This has to be the wish list for many mums of toddlers. We are not asking too much, really, just a day to ourselves.


“The golden period for parents only last ten years—when your kid is between five to fifteen years of age. Once past that point, there’s no going back.” A Taiwanese author says that there is this special bond during these ten years where you can talk to them like their best pal and the next second they fall asleep in your arms with their angelic smile.

(Image by Amber McAuley from Pixabay)


After your children grow independent, we mums can finally have our time back to enjoy whatever we want to. Visiting that exhibition you have been wanting to go but it was age restricted, having that quiet cup of coffee at the trendy decorated café that is not so pram-friendly, doing shopping gracefully because you want to instead of you need to, or as simple as having dinner without any mess on the table.

Yet after a couple of years of leisure, hassle-free and alone time, one might start to realise that the house is getting too quiet. We will miss that time at the dinner table we all screamed at someone’s fallen tooth and that time when we all sat in front of the heater and watched a horror movie together (and the consequent nightmare). At a time like that, what mums REALLY want will become something like…

  1. A nice dinner with all the kids.
  2. A road trip with the family.
  3. Making a table of food following the traditional homemade recipes together.
  4. Going to a rooftop cinema for a classic flick together.
  5. Attending a concert with the kids.
  6. Going shopping and trusting your children’s taste in fashion for you.

A nice wish list for mums with grownup kids. We are not asking too much, really, just a day with you.

(Image by silviarita from Pixabay)



To thank you for reading through the sentimental rant above, we have prepared a more conventional list of Mother’s Day gift ideas!

For mums of toddlers:

  • A surprise cleaning appointment with a professional cleaning company (or a cleaning day for the whole family. But of course, just make that appointment already!)
  • A night of stay at a boutique hotel with room service (or a day where mums can stay in and wake up to a decent breakfast in bed).
  • A kid-free day
  • A very good cup of coffee (such as Double Wood Coffee *wink*).
  • A good book or favourite magazines
  • Gym/Spa voucher or membership


For mums of teens or grownups:

  • A fine dining session at a fancy restaurant.
  • A road trip with the kids as the designated driver.
  • Booking a class/seminar of interest (drawing, baking, handcraft, etc.).
  • Tickets to a movie, a play or a concert
  • Materialistic stuff: accessories, flowers, coffee/tea, clothing or skincare products, etc.


Hope that you’ve found the perfect Mother’s Day gift here!

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