$60 Gift Boxes
Box F: 18 Double Wood Coffee & 2 Organic Beeswax Wraps
Box G: 15 Double Wood Coffee & 1 Organic Beeswax Wrap & 1 Robert Gordon Organic Mug
$60 Gift Boxes
$60 Gift Boxes

$60 Gift Boxes

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Shower your loved ones with awesome coffee and impress them with your exquisite taste at the same time-- the $60 gift boxes give you all that. Perfect for the holiday season, surprise your beloveds with the thoughtful gift that has the coffee supply you know they'll need for their deluxe getaway trip.

Box F comes with six packs of each of our Originals blends. Yes, we've got your holiday caffeine dosage covered. It'll give those who care for sustainable-living a lovely surprise with two Double Wood Beeswax Wraps. Handcrafted with certified organic beeswax on lovely-patterned cotton, this 20cm * 20cm beeswax wrap provides a healthy, chemical-free and environment-friendly alternative to your everyday use of cling wrap.

Box G stands for Great, Gourmet and Gorgeous. The ultimate combo for the coffee-loving peeps who enjoy their quality coffee and quality living: five packs of each of the Original blends, one organic beeswax wrap and one Australian handmade mug by Robert Gordon.


Box F

  • 18 packs of Double Wood Coffee (6 x Dancing Tigers, 6 x Hola, Chica!, 6 x The Night Market)
  • 2 Double Wood beeswax wraps (20cm * 20cm) ft. Happy Flame organic beeswax


Box G

  • 15 packs of Double Wood Coffee (5 x Dancing Tigers, 5 x Hola, Chica!, 5 x The Night Market)
  • Double Wood beeswax wrap (20cm * 20cm) ft. Happy Flame organic beeswax
  • 1 Robert Gordon Australian Made Organic Mug - Swatch (Colours: Buttercup, Blue Heaven or Mint will be dispatched randomly per box)




* We hand wrap all of our 2018 Holiday Gift boxes upon each purchase so please allow minor differences. Images on this page are for reference only and the gift boxes do not include any ornaments or decorations that are shown in the photos above.
* Double Wood Beeswax Wrap/s are handmade and non-mass produced. We hope you understand that no two wraps look identical but nonetheless functional and cute.



    --Happy Flame--

    First started back in 2006 making beeswax candles for family and friends, Anca and Peter from New South Wales created Happy Flame unknowing that they had embarked on a journey to provide the best and the cleanest beeswax to Australians. They partnered with 12 beekeepers who have their bees across a range of natural habitats to ensure that the bees are not affected by any chemical spraying. They then teamed up with one of the only four ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certified organic beekeepers for their Australian Organic beeswax range. Happy Flame now has a wide range of beautifully handcrafted beeswax candles and products much loved by many Australians.


    --Robert Gordon Australia--

    A family that has been immersed in the world of ceramics for over sixty years sharing a story unlike any other pottery in Australia. Since 1979, Robert Gordon has gone from supplying wares to Sunday tourists at the St Kilda markets to providing some of the world’s most reputable retailers and restaurants with quality ceramics. They're one of Australia’s last large scale potteries and have been manufacturing high fired stoneware for over 25 years.