About us

Sabrina & Sheila

Hey! Nice to meet you!

We are Sabrina and Sheila, two coffee-loving sisters. There is no long history about our product. We simply believed there was something we could do to make the either very lazy or hectic morning coffee time at home more enjoyable, tasteful and maybe a bit classy, but not overly fancy.

Then we found this - the drip coffee bag, on a trip back to our hometown in Taiwan. Once we started dreaming and thinking, there was no stopping. What about having a decent cuppa when camping? When travelling and a good coffee is hard to find? On a road trip? When you're at the salon? Sitting in the office with tones of work? Vibing at outdoor gigs on a winter day? Or even just a simple picnic in the park……?

In 2017, we decided to bring this design to the Australian coffee scene together with quality coffees that some may have never tried before. 

So, here, the Double Wood sisters invite you to join us on the journey of finding every possible place and time to enjoy quality coffee.



P.S. Here are five little things that you might like to know about us:

1. About the origin of the name…

DOUBLE WOOD is inspired from our family name – Lin – with Chinese heritage. 木(mù) - wood, 木木(Lin) – double wood.

2. Sabrina’s coffee time

I have DW coffee with milk for breakfast at home and another one (black as it is) after lunch for refreshment, maybe with a naughty sweet, too! Some people might yell: You shouldn’t add milk to drip coffee! But “my coffee, my way”. I can be the barista in my world 😉.

3. Sheila’s coffee time

Hikes and bushwalks are never the same. A bottle of hot H2O + Double Wood Coffee, BAM-- my very own single-origin pour-over is ready in the picturesque Tasmanian forests and mountains. Bye bye bad instant coffee, hi instantly great coffee.

4. We’ve both spent years in Melbourne, living in and around the cafes and haunts of Fitzroy. Sheila now lives in beautiful Tasmania while Sabrina has moved not-so-far to the burbs of Melbourne with her little family.

5. And more than a 'by-the-way', Taiwan coffee is a great find. You should try our “night market” coffee – that’s the blue bag with the silhouette of Taipei 101 on the front!

If you want to know even more about us, please visit our blog.


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