Our Beans

Sumatra, Indonesia (Mandheling)

Mandheling beans are grown and harvested 750 – 1,500 metres above sea level in the tropical climate and volcanic soil of Indonesian island Sumatra. Its unique herbaceous aroma is different from the common South American or African coffees. Its flavour is often described as earthy and funky with lower acidity.

Double Wood Coffee’s medium-dark roast brings out the richness of the beans for a smooth, full-bodied taste and retains the spiciness.

The popular brewing methods of Mandheling include filter, pour over and cold brew. It is also great with milk or cream without losing its distinctive flavour.

Double Wood Coffee DANCING TIGERS blends Mandheling with Brazilian beans to create a more neutral and smooth taste.

Fun fact: Rather than region or location, the name ‘Mandheling’ comes from the Southeast Asian cultural group Mandailing who are mostly found on the island of Sumatra.




Colombian coffee beans are one of the most popular coffees for their smooth and balanced taste. For its popularity in the coffee world, many would consider Colombian coffee as mild with classic Latin American fruity flavour.

Typically speaking, Colombian beans are grown 1,200 – 2,000 metres above sea level. Its high volume of produce and standardised processing ensure the consistency and quality of the beans.

Double Wood Coffee HOLA, CHICA! uses Colombian Supremo that is pungent in aroma,  higher in acidity, with a rich and medium-bodied taste. After medium-roast, HOLA, CHICA! also brings out the refreshing aftertaste of the beans for a complete savour experience. It’s perfect for drinking on its own for the well-balanced flavour overall.




Little did you know, Taiwan produced one of the top 50 specialty coffees nominated by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The island country also produces unique and quality coffee beans.

Due to the geographical restrictions, Taiwan coffee beans are small in production volume and expensive. Yet the one-of-a-kind aroma of the coffee is here only to widen your eyes and expands your tastebuds.

Alishan beans are grown 1,200 metres above sea level across the mountain ridge. The floral and fruity scents are refreshing while its flavour hints a tea fragrance that is distinctive and unseen in coffees from other countries.

Double Wood Coffee THE NIGHT MARKET blends Alishan beans with Tainan beans to create sophistication in its fruity flavour. Lighter but smooth and silky taste gives the blend an elegant finish that may not be the cup of tea for someone looking for weighty/heavy bodied flavour. Yes, did we say tea again?

The Night Market blend is great to drink on its own with drip brew and cold brew. Add milk to experience a hint of milk tea-like flavour.